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about me

I’m an Architect, a CG and 3d architectural visualization artist based in Italy. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Alghero with a first class honours Master degree in Architecture. I currently work as interior and visual designer and construction visual specialist involved in many interior and architecture visualization projects.

My 3D visualisations are pictures that were never photographed. I start out with sketches, drawings or construction data and finish by making it possible even early on for ideas to be grasped and experienced.

my skills

As an Architect, I developed very strong skills in producing digital imagery, which helped me realize my passion for 3D artistry.
My goal is to create environments that are able to immerse those interacting within and transport them somewhere that would not otherwise be accessible in the real world.

Take a look at my works!!!

It’s always sunny in CGI land: the shadows are always sharp and the surfaces shiny.
But perfection takes time, hard graft, and a willingness to get our hands digitally dirty. In a place where nothing’s real, creating reality takes care, takes planning, and takes a great deal of imagination.

what i love to do

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Architectural Visualization

Solution for architects, planners and property developers to market and communicate their projects. Can be successfully used in advertising material, folders, billboards. Ideal materials in conversations with prospective customers.

Interior Visualization
Interior Visualization

3D interior designs can give an insight into fabrics, colors, style and space, leaving as much or as little to the imagination as required. Sales opportunities are increased by the so called “WOW” effect that impresses clients emotionally.

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Competition Boards

With the right attitude is possible to transmit to the jury the confidence to believe in your design and optimize resources preventing further loss of time due to visualizations that do not achieve their aim. Everything will fits: the design and the presentation.

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3D Floor Plants and Cutaways

3D floor plans assist architects in explaining floor plans to clients. Their simplicity allows individuals unfamiliar with conventional floor plans to understand architectural concepts. This allows homeowners to see design elements prior to construction.

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The definition of a photomontage is the integration or superimposition of a digital architectural 3D model into a high resolution photograph. Is the art of skillfully combining 3D renderings and site photography into striking photo-real visuals.

CG Art
CG Art

A few time ago I began composing images with a surrealistic atmosphere. In my opinion personal projects and experimenting through them is a big part of how you evolve. Let your imagination interpret each illustration as you like. More here: Instagram

Let's build your ideas!

If you want to contact me to tell me about a project in which you would like we collaborate send me an email.
Explain me a bit of the matter and how you think I could help you: we will find a date for a first conversation.

Thank you very much!

Location :

Sassari, Sardinia, Italy